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52 KB; Persuasive Speech Rubric: 1010. Utilized basic transitions and organized ideas, concepts and information The speech lacked a logical order, utilized minimal transitions, and only hints at organized ideas, concepts, information. Persuasion Rubric - ReadWriteThink x. The entire speech is unified through this purpose.

Follow these guidelines for the content of the outline. PERSUASIVE SPEECH EVALUATION RUBRIC Author: Jennifer Last modified by: Jennifer Created Date: 10/ 8/ 6: 59: 00 PM Other titles: PERSUASIVE SPEECH EVALUATION RUBRIC. Scoring Rubric for Oral Presentations: Example # 3. SAMPLE PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE - Monroe' s. Name: AREA GRADED 10.

Student has written. You must hand this rubric into me prior to giving speech, - 5 points if you do not have it! Title: Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form Author: Barry Last modified by: Barry Created Date: 2/ 8/ 2: 45: 00 AM Other titles: Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form. Impromptu Speech Rubric.

) not distracting - Use of language does not have negative impact, and vocalized pauses. PERSUASIVE SPEECH RUBRICIntroduction The first few lines of the speech really got my attention and made me want to listen. Persuasive Speech outline assignment due the day of the speech.

Thesis Statement Speaker clearly formulated and stated thesis statement during the speech introduction. PERSUASIVE SPEECH RUBRIC Student: _ _ _ _ _ NEEDS EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTORY IMPROVEMENT. Reflects a basic awareness of the persuasive purpose but does little to establish a tone appropriate to the task. Performance / Delivery Criteria. 5 KB) Add to cart. Hilliard Davidson High School English Department. Speaker’ s purpose is evident at the beginning of the speech; however, not every claim is relevant and the speech may lack unity or lose focus at times. View Notes - Persuasive Speech Rubric from AEE 3030 at University of Florida.

25 - Use of language contributes to effectiveness of the speech, and vocalized pauses ( um uh er etc. Return this rubric to Tony. STAAR Literary Writing Rubric English I. Major claims and minor claims support the purpose. Artistic Choices/ Language. No clear or relevant connection to topic and/ or speech purpose.

Eye contact Vocal variety, tone, clarity, volume, pauses Poise, posture, and movement Appropriate attire Transitions,. 2 minutes or over ( 5) 1 minute to 1: secondsseconds or under ( 1) Eye Contact- 5 pts. PDF) Informative Speech Rubric: 1010 Informative Speech Rubric. Doc Author: Paul Martin.

COMS 101 PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE GRADING. Be sure to note the citation for each source. Thesis statement identifies topic and encompasses/ previews main points. Doc), PDF File (. Persuasive Writing Rubric – 9th Grade English.

These persuasive speech outline templates are been designed to provide some tips to the speaker for delivering a more emphatic speech in a public conference. PRESENCEbody language & eye contact- contact with the public- poise- physical organization. Audience not taken into account.

Creates some effective imagery through language. Name: _ _ _ _ _ The rating scale is 4 being highest. Download or preview 2 pages of PDF version of Persuasive Speech Rubric ( DOC: 38.

Organization for Persuasive Speech Purpose Your purpose will be to persuade your audience to accept your views on a debatable issue present in your outside reading text and to convince the audience to take a particular course of action. Persuasive Essay Rubric. Name _ _ _ _ _ Time - _ 5pts. GradesPersuasive Writing Rubric Focus Content & Development Organization Style ( Voice) Conventions ( grammar, punctuation, capitalization, mechanics). Closing Argument Rubric. Senior Seminar Honors. You will also be drawing from your previous speech experiences by using a visual aid of your choice. For this speech, you will utilize two types of delivery styles: memorized and scripted. Microsoft Word - Public Speaking forms - 1. Directions: To understand the rubric more clearly, work with a partner or individually to answer the following question FROM the persuasive speech rubric In order to get 9- 10 points in this category you must keep eye contact with audience virtually all the time: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 4+ Persuasive Speech Outline Templates – PDF, DOC Connecting to the audience is the key for any successful speaker. Student clearly addresses the topic and does not wander Speech is persuasive ( does audience believe? Persuasive Speech Rubric 2. Persuasive Speech Rubric. Rubric for Persuasive Speech Student Presentation of speaker – 15 points Passionate about topic and why others should feel same way ( Persuasive).
This speech will be 7 minutes long and presented from behind the podium. ANALYTICAL SCORING RUBRIC SCORE POINT 2 Occasionally, transi- : tional words and phrases and parallel. Use this rubric to assess the effectiveness of a student' s essay, speech, poster, or any type of assignment that incorporates persuasion. You will create an outline for your Sales Pitch Speech as well as your Final Exam Speech. Rhetorical Devices: A Very Partial List Persuasive Speech Outline. Txt) or read online.

Pdf), Text File (. Speaker’ s name: _ _ _ _ _ Evaluator: _ _ _ _ _. Lacks consistent persuasive tone audience somewhat considered. The Opinion & Persuasive Writing Rubric is a great tool to use within the classroom for grading & assessing student essays. Appeals to audience emotions ( anger, fear, compassion, etc. ) to achieve the persuasive goal, but fails to observe ethical responsibilities.

Lacks persuasive tone. Microsoft Word - Persuasive Rubric. Informative Speech Assignment. Speech and Presentation Grading Rubric Author: mansur Keywords: speech rubric, speech choir rubric, oral presentation, oral presentation rubric, pubic speaking rubric.

Student Name _ _ _ _ _ Essay Grade _ _ _ _ _ Appropriate Organization. Words that reflect the requirements of the prompt. View Notes - Persuasive_ Speech_ Outline_ Grading_ Rubric( 3).

Work to connect the listener to the speech. The first few lines of the speech got my attention and. Doc - Download as Word Doc (. There is no discernible order, no transitions, and the ideas, concepts and information are unorganized. Your task is to choose and research a topic about which you have an interest and are comfortable speaking. Fails to appeal to audience emotions.

Persuasive Essay and Speech Rubric Scoring Criteria Exemplary. Persuasive Speech Assignment Packet. Speech Rubrics & Links to Sample Speeches.

Impromptu Speech Rubric This is a 1- 2 minutes speech delivered on your choice of 1 of 4 provided topics. Exceptions: Format = graded on meeting given MLA format + Google Doc TOTAL. Than 75% of the time Little or no eye contact Use of Language Use of language contributes to effectiveness. Download or preview 2 pages of PDF version of Persuasive Speech Rubric ( DOC: 38.